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Paper Rain

Paper Rain is used to give special attraction for the ceremonies, functions and other related aspects. Mainly Paper rain is used for the attraction and to give extra effects and glimpse to the party. This is used for to gain attraction of the audience, it’s basically same as fireworks which gives the attraction to any ceremonies. Likewise, this Paper Rain will be giving the attraction and will gain the audience attention. This can be seen at the big ceremonies, political functions, rallies held by political parties after winning, audio functions etc. Paper Rain is not so expensive than compared to fireworks, it charges by kilometers in the rallies and for the function held at one place, it costs by the time taken for that.


This Paper Rain technology has been introduced by us, blasting 1,00,000color papers distributes for one blast, first time in India. Which give the special attraction and also attracts the viewers.

Uses of Paper Rain:


In Political Parties, Paper Rain is used while taking rallies for the publicity of the parties at the time of elections and also after winning the elections. Mainly, Paper Rain in the political parties will give the attraction and will make the public present over there an entertainment and to gain their favor.

Birthday functions:

Now a Days, Paper Rain is used in Birthday ceremonies for special attraction and to entertain the kids and make them attractive towards it.

Marriage ceremony:

In marriages this paper rain is used to give the blasting attraction for the people present over there. While the newly married couple enters the stage/dais, by paper rain the entire public will give a look at them. If there are any celebrities yet to enter the dias, this paper rain will be a plus point for the public to have a look at them.