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Paper Rain

Paper Rain – Big

This Paper Rain technology has been introduced by us, raining paper 50,000 to 1 Lack color papers blow for half minute papers on sky. It can stand up to 20- 30 feet. first time in India. Which give the special attraction and also attracts the viewers.

Paper Rain Jumbo

Paper rain jumbo is a advanced in paper rain concept. It can rain 30 lacks – 50 lacks colour paper per one and half minute.  It can rain up to  20-50 feet.

Useful for industries

In Movies

  1.  Movie Cultural Functions
  2. Movie 100 Days Functions
  3. Movie Award Functions

In Sports

  1. Cricket Winning Functions

Political Party Road Shows

In Political Parties, Paper Rain is used while taking rallies for the publicity of the parties at the time of elections and also after winning the elections. Mainly, Paper Rain in the political parties will give the attraction and will make the public present over there an entertainment and to gain their favor.
Marriage Bharath Road Shows

In marriages this paper rain is used to give the blasting attraction for the people present over there. While the newly married couple enters the stage/dais, by paper rain the entire public will give a look at them. If there are any celebrities yet to enter the dais, this paper rain will be a plus point for the public to have a look at them.

Paper Rain

Paper Rain – Big

This Paper Rain technology has …


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